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Seeking Wedding Planner &  Wedding Event ideas

My Bright Wedding Designs is the preferred wedding planner for many couples who are looking forward to their nuptials. They wish their wedding to go off perfectly but are finding the planning too distracting or complex. That’s where we come in!

We provide exceptional wedding planning services as a national company. We operate within Chandigarh, Delhi and Jaipur cities. Also, our network is considerable – it extends across India. In markets where we don’t have a presence yet, we work in conjunction with a local partner that we know and trust to provide the same level of service to our customers for their upcoming wedding.

What’s unique about our approach is that we like to be creative in our wedding design. New ideas, creative thinking and being innovative are hallmarks of the modern Indian wedding. It is also key to the level of service that we offer couples for their important day.

Our service for weddings typically includes planning the location, securing the perfect venue and choosing the overall theme and individual decorations that are appropriate for the type of wedding day that’s desired. Whether a floral design, the use of vibrant colours or something else entirely – the couple can talk with us about their preferences in order that our wedding plan has the aesthetic that they’ll find pleasing.

Also, in the digital age, we secure the best wedding photographer to capture the moment perfectly in a series of still images. These will be ready to share in a wedding album, a digital gallery or Instagram to friends and family. Also, videography services are arranged to record the wedding day for posterity.

Why Choose MB Wedding Planner

Our company provides various wedding packages at various price levels to make them accessible to couples with different budgets. They’re all reasonably priced. This ensures we can offer what is highly anticipated without needing to worry about the final bill being too costly.

We use clear pricing at all times; there’s no guesswork or surprises to worry about. We have a strict policy that no hidden costs are to be added on, which provides reassurance to our customers.

Our wedding planning business has planned and executed thousands of weddings either by ourselves or by working with regional partners. The last thing our customers want is to work with a first-time wedding planner. That could lead to total disaster and considerable embarrassment for the families of the bride and groom. Instead, by seeking out an experienced wedding planning company, it avoids the possibility of a mistake ruining the important event.

15 Years in This Field As Best wedding planner

Speaking of events, our company also provides general event planning services too. These vary depending on what is required. The sourcing of suitable venues and the securing third-party services (catering, transportation, equipment) can all be part of a planned corporate event or private one.

The next step is to get in touch with us to discuss ideas for your wedding. We can then provide a plan to meet your budget and get starting with the smaller details too. Don’t wait to hire a wedding planner. It’s easier to secure a desired venue when it’s planned and booked well in advance. Get in touch today!

“My Bright Wedding Designs is the best wedding planner i met in Chandigarh. They arranged my son in law wedding with love and care. They managed all the guests and the food was very delicious. Thanks a lot MB.”

Mr. Singh • GROOM

The professionalism and experience of MB speaks in their work. They managed my wedding very gracefully.
Lots of love My Bright Designs.

Mrs. Kaur • BRIDE