Bridal Style | Vera Wang


Here at MB Wedding Design and Events, we love to celebrate your unique bridal style! Like this Vera Wang wedding gown, which is simply gorgeous. Our bride felt like a true princess all day, and with good reason. This dress fit her style and persona so perfectly.


For years, Vera has created whimsical, elegant and true princess-like gowns, that have been worn by many brides and celebrities alike. It’s no doubt her designs have paved the way for many other designers, and she has created and influenced many notable trends in the wedding industry and bridal market. 


Whether your style is classic or modern, we truly feel that the bridal gown is the one aspect of your wedding that is all you. While many other elements are important, it usually takes both the bride and groom to make a final selection. That isn’t the case with the wedding gown. That’s the one element that only you can decide on. You’ll consider the opinions and feedback of those who came to shop with you (mother, bridesmaid or friend), but ultimately you’re going to select the gown that speaks to you, the gown that makes you feel beautiful inside and out, and the gown that has you shedding a few tears in the bridal shop. This is how you know you found the one! 


wedding gown: Vera Wang + hair & makeup: Mimi and Taylor + photo credit: Anna Kuperberg


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