Throwback Thursday | Indian Weddings


Indian Weddings! Oh how we love them. These multi-day celebrations are rich in color and filled with exquisite decor, intricate henna designs, lavish Indian wedding garb and lots of yummy food.  This throwback Thursday image is from on of our very first Indian Weddings we planned and designed 8 yrs ago at Trentadue Winery in Geyserville, CA.


While I admit that we were a bit inexperienced at the time when it came to Indian weddings, we worked a total of 14 + hours on the day of in 103 degree weather to execute this grand affair. It definitely prepared us for future Indian weddings, and now we can proudly say we have planned + designed a myriad of multi-cultural weddings and are very knowledgeable in Sikh and Hindu traditions.


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photo credit: Angie Silvy Photography